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SdMoviesPoint 2020 – Get the various Movies from Tollywood, Hollywood, Bollywood, Punjabi, etc from the one and only free movie download site SDMoviesPoint. Apart from this, Dual Audio Movies, Movies by Genres, and the list of free latest movies are also available at this site.

What do you do whenever you feel bored? According to research conducted in India, when people feel boring, they mostly like watching movies. There are millions of sites available on the internet to watch movies online. Today we’re gonna talk about a website who also provides free pirated movies.

South Indian HD dubbed movies are also available at this site. Download Free Sout Hindi Dubbed movies free of cost and you also don’t need any registration to download those movies.

SdMoviesPoint Website History 2020

Sdmoviespoint supports piracy and the latest domain/URL of this website is Piracy websites are helpful to watch online HD movies or download free movies from your device. The whole team of sd movie point is trying well to keep updating their sites to provide the latest leaked movies to their viewers.


This website would have started when people would spend all day on the Internet to download movies for free. At that time there was no such rule on piracy, and how many movies were downloaded throughout the day.

SDMoviesPoint Apk Mobile Download [HD Movies]

If you’ll search about SDmoviespoint 300mb on the internet, then you’ll also get to know about the Sdmovies point mobile apk to download movies from the mobile app. Torrent movies download apps are mostly used to download movies from mobile. This application also promotes piracy and rarely will you find it on Google Play.

Name of the Apk Movie Point
Version 1.0.1 for Android
File Size 2.9 MB
Category Free Business App
Requirement Android 4.0 and Above
Publish Date 18th December 2016

How Sdmoviespoint website work?

The working method of this website is too simple just because they have no right to provide movies for free. They leak all the movies on the date of their releasing of the day after and upload them into their website so that people came into their website and download Online Punjabi, Hindi, English, etc movies and they earn money from them.

Tollywood Movies Download Free 2020 – Safe or Not?

Indian people have an attraction to South Movies also. Many of them are eager to get the website from where they’ll download online free South movies. There’re are many people visiting this website daily to download Tamil HD online movies 2020, Tamil 2020 full movies download.

It may not be known to everyone that the website you are using now is not safe. As we told you that al the movies that are on this website are piracy movies. It is suspected that these movies have been used incorrectly manner. Piracy has been banned and if you’re caught while doing piracy then strict actions must be taken on you. This is not the only threat we get from piracy websites, we’ve mentioned more information on that.

Movies Formats on Torrent Websites

In Torrent Websites, you will find all kinds of movie quality because they upload each movie in different quality formats. Sd movies point have various kinds of movies formats from low to full HD like –

  • 144p
  • 240p
  • 360p
  • 480p
  • 720p
  • 1080p
  • 1280p

Sometimes, people want to download movies under the criteria of file size. Hollywood dubbed movies are the most of the searched movies category all time and people are searching download movies like –

  • 300MB Movies Download
  • 400MB Movies 2020
  • 600MB Free Dubbed Movies
  • Latest 1GB HD Movies Free Download
  • Movies Under 2GB Full HD Download

Does Google Support sdmoviespoint?

Google has taken the biggest step due to which the rate of piracy has come down today as per earlier. Since most of the movies were searched on Google itself to download for free download. Piracy became a big problem for movie creators, that’s why Google has banned all pirated websites. Even after this, some websites adopt alternative methods to piracy but Google is keeping a close watch on them too.

Google never supports pirated websites or torrent websites, so they ban them every time. Our website also opposes complete piracy and appeals to its viewers to use legal compliments to watch movies online.

Actions Taken Again Piracy Sites

Due to piracy, Creators who make movies had to face the most trouble because their made movies would be leaked before release. If people used to watch movies earlier then their movies could not play much due to which they had to bear the loss.

Big actors, actresses, creators started raising their voice against piracy, they started talking about piracy on social media also. As soon as their voice began to reach the government, the government called piracy, crime and made rules against it. If you are caught if you use piracy websites, promote pirated movies, download movies from torrent websites, you may have to take strict action and you may be imprisoned in jail.

Latest Working Domains Info

Piracy may have been banned, but some people still do it in secret. As we told that the active domains of these websites are blocked so that piracy is not done. Torrent websites return with new domains a few days later whenever the active domain is blocked.

sdmoviespoint.hyperlink sdmoviespoint.enjoyable sdmoviespoint.web

We have given the domains list for your information only, if you take advantage of it wrong then our website will not be responsible for it.

How piracy websites are harmful to us?

Piracy Websites can prove to be very bad for us, How? You download movies very easily, but you are unaware of the problem behind it. Movies found in such websites are pirated copies of original uploaded illegally. Downloading movies from here may cost you dearly and may even cause you to go to jail.

The biggest threat of pirated movies is the virus. Sdmovie point has also this feature which means, You’ll also get free viruses while downloading movies for here. Most cases get privacy leaked, meaning that your data can also be hacked. This is why pirated websites are banned so that no data can’t be leaked. You must have also seen that whenever you watch movies online, you will find pop-up ads in the middle, which are very irritable ads.

Special Features of SDmoviespoint

SD movies point is a free movie downloading website, so there are few rare features of this website, which people like the most and they are –

  • All the movies found here are free and do not charge for downloading. Sdmovies point does not charge to download HD movies 2020.
  • You don’t have to sigh-up at sd moviespoint to use this website to watch movies for free or download HD films 2020.
  • Get millions of free movies, TV Serials, Web Series, Hindi – English Movies, Tamil – Telugu Movies with 720p, 1080p, 4K Full HD movie quality.

It was not our intention to tell the special features of this website that we are supporting it. We want to tell how these websites work differently from legal websites, that is why they got banned.

Are there more pirated alternative sites on the internet?

Yes, there are thousands of sites on the internet that work on piracy, some of them have been banned. Every pirated website has only one work i.e to share content by leaking them or made a pirated version of them. Because this is not true at all for those creators who make movies using their own money and their movie is leaked ahead of time.

Sdmoviespoint 2020 Safe Alternative Sites

Piracy sites are banned because they leak movies and use other content without copyright. We know that still, you’re finding ways to watch online movies but the question is, Is there any platform from where we can watch movies legally?

Yes, there are many platforms out there to watch online movies but you’ve to pay them to watch movies in a legal manner. You’ve to buy their subscription packages to use them.

  • YouTube
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Netflix
  • PopCornFlix
  • HotStar
  • VOOT

Watching movies for free is the worst idea. If you want to watch movies without piracy, then you have to use these websites/apps. The reason we are supporting these platforms is that they’re authorized and they’re using piracy. All the contents you’ll get on those platforms are officially original. In fact, Google is also supporting these platforms.

Disclaimer –

Pirated websites do not have the rights to provide movies, they are illegal and pirated websites have been banned. Under the law of piracy, if you are caught using pirated content or supporting piracy, then you will take strict action. “Say No To Piracy”


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