Make Online Teaching a Fun!

As a teacher, there are many thoughts that are processed in mind while teaching a student in a classroom. Be it a doubt-solving lecture or a difficult chapter of a mathematics book, a teacher always thinks about his or her ability to grab a student’s attention in order to make them learn the difficult concepts.

A student never understands the importance of a lecture unless and until they flunk or are about to flunk. Amid these Covid situations, Lectures became boring and tedious for students as well as teachers. There are different ways to make learning fun where they understand each and every concept taught by you. This is an important article for both – who are already in the profession and who wish to join it. Well, if you wish to join the same you must clear the CTET Exam and if you have already appeared for it then you must check the CTET Answer key of the exam.

It is said, when teaching is fun, it brings knowledge to life. So, below are some of the Tips and Tricks for teachers to make their online lectures more interesting.

Tips to Make Online Teaching a Fun:

Be Enthusiastic

Everyone hates when their authorities or their seniors are boring, work-shy, and apathetic in front of them, giving them a lazy and careless face. You should present yourself well in front of students with appropriate dressing and cheering expressions. In fact, your background visuals play an important role. Therefore, you should present yourself with confidence as if a faculty is imparting knowledge, cheering students to move forward with their doubts without hesitation. Teaching is a profession where it is much needed to acknowledge the importance of an Enthusiastic work environment. Once you become a teaching enthusiast, grabbing student’s attention is a piece of cake. Slowly and steadily, students will love attending your lectures and you too will have a great time.

Make the Session Interactive

Session Interaction is a very important aspect in the Teaching Profession, as it requires constant feedback of students and teachers to help them learn notion and postulation. When students are active in the session they learn at a much greater pace. Turn on your front camera while teaching. This simple act will greatly increase your interaction with the students. Having a simple conversation, cracking some jokes, asking them questions, giving them classwork, etc. are some of the options that can be utilized to make sessions more interactive. Beware about the limit of jokes and conversation as too many of those can make students distracted and eventually, they will stop learning.

Make optimum use of Technology

Technologies are the second way of making sessions interactive by showing videos online through Youtube. Well, now you must be wondering how this is possible? The platforms such as Zoom and MS Team provide you the feature of “Share screen” allowing you to share your screen with all other participants online in the meeting. This way you can share anything and can even ask students to share it whenever they have to contribute to the class. This can also be used to convert classroom presentations to online presentations which are no less than classroom presentations. This makes presentations easy for students to fore presenting themselves, especially when they have stage fear.

Break down your Chapters

Breaking your Chapters will help you to know if students are truly learning everything you teach them. You may break your long chapters into 2 – 3 sessions or maybe more depending on the length. This is much needed when it is Mathematics and Science. Breaking the chapters will give them enough time to understand and learn things. A chapter therapy includes lots of knowledge, sharing incidents related to the topic, Q&A, and anything that you think may gauge students’ interest. This will help you interact with students and build a connection rapport with them in online classes too.

Conduct Competitions

Conducting competitions itself comes with lots of fun. You can have random quizzes, random competitions of writing and reading aloud or having a debate competition. Now here you have to keep things organized otherwise it will be a complete mess. Make sure that students are in better internet connectivity and only speak whenever it’s their turn. Things will be more fun if there are writing competitions on MS Word and screen sharing or just after writing, reading aloud will serve the purpose. Well, it is not necessary that each competition has to revolve around the syllabus but it could be anything out of the box that you think may interest students.

Becoming a teacher is not an easy task, where few of them have good teaching skills and others just keep on blabbering in the classes. Be a good teacher and a contributor in nation development. If you are one who wishes to pursue teaching as a profession then you must fill the CTET Application Form. Make teaching a Profession!


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