List Of Top Construction Companies In Germany

We list the top construction companies in Germany and also provide you the best list other than the top 10 & top 20 construction companies. Check out the whole list of companies and get their details here.

One of the most beautiful Western European country Germany consists of the mesmerizing landscapes of forests, mountains, rivers, and beaches. Not only comprising of natural beauty, but different construction also works in Germany is the main driver of growth here. For the purpose of construction works, the country has numerous construction companies are those which are responsible and undertakes work of building structures, both in private and commercial sectors with the help of various resources and experienced professionals employed there. Any construction of structures requires companies that do that.

Here we will provide the best details about the best construction companies in Germany, which is a Western European country. Germany holds a population of 83 million and includes 16 constituent states such a big country with millions of inhabitants have different structures, no doubt it owns some of the best construction companies.

Job Opportunities In  The Best Construction Companies In Germany

In order to get a job in the best construction company in Germany, the job seeker must be a civil engineering graduate. Civil engineering specializes in the field of constructing any type of structure which gives opportunities to get the rewarding job of construction, maintenance, etc of private and public structures in the best construction company.

Best construction companies of Germany demand experienced civil engineers. Thus more experience as civil engineer paves way for higher pay scale in the top construction companies of Germany. In addition, the knowledge of different software used in civil engineering provides opportunities for a job in the best construction companies.

How To Get Job In The Best Construction Companies In Germany?

Being a fresher in civil engineering, getting a job in a construction company is a tough task as all the best construction companies in Germany search for experienced employees. Being a college student, one can go for paid internships in construction companies which will provide them experience along with some amount of money and also certain contact for applying in big companies. One can also furnish their skills in civil engineering by gaining expertise in different software skills necessary for them like AutoCAD, Staddpro, Revit Architecture, E tab, etc.

Other top Construction Companies:-

Top construction companies in Germany

Some of the best construction companies in Germany are:

1. Hill International Deutschland GmbH:

Hill International, one of the best construction companies of Germany provides major construction projects worldwide. Hill has completed over 10,000 project assignments whose construction cost worth more than $500 billion. The company has been ranked as the 8th largest construction company in the United States according to Engineering News-Record magazine.

Address: Hill International Corporate Headquarters
One Commerce Square
2005 Market Street, 17th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Phone number: 800 283 4088



2. Lindner Group Niederlassung Hannover

The base of Lindner GmbH was established more than 50 years ago with a suspended acoustic ceiling at the Agricultural Vocational School Deggendor. Since then, the company has grown continuously and sustainably. Today, the Lindner Group is the best construction company in Germany recommended for building purposes.

Address: Lübecker Str. 5a, 30880 Laatzen, Germany

Phone number: +498723200



3. ETS Efficient Technical Solutions GmbH

One of the best construction company in Germany provides efficient quality technical building services. The company is a  service provider of technical building facilities. ETS offers a complete range of services including planning, design, construction, and maintenance with the help of expert guidance.

Address: Am Scherhübel 14 • 92253 Schnaittenbach

Phone number: +49 9622 7197-600



4. Sandvik Mining and Construction Central Europe GmbH

Sandvik company has made its position among the best construction company of Germany for more than 150 years by being committed to developing the most advanced engineering solutions. Starting from the first steel products to comprehensive equipment ranges, the company has always strived to design solutions that add value to the surroundings.

Address: Gladbecker Str. 427, 45329 Essen, Germany

Phone:  +49 201 1785300


5. Strabag SE Company

The process of development of STRABAG SE to become one of the leading construction company of Germany began in 1997 with the acquisition of a maximum stake in STRABAG AG, Cologne. STRABAG AG was established in 1923 and since then it has expanded its services based on Transportation facilities, Infrastructure facilities, and civil engineering for building structures and, project development.

Address: STRABAG Corporate Communications
Siegburger Str. 241
50679 Cologne

Phone number:  +49 221 824-2472



6. Zublin Company

Zublin company has become one of the best construction companies in Germany with the help of a better partnering model and teamwork which follows principles that have the benefit of all the involved parties. This enables them to succeed in the possibility of projects that demands time, cost and quality. The company is providing Construction facilities with the best efficiency for the last 25 years.

Address: Albstadtweg 3
70567 Stuttgart

Phone number:+49 711 7883-0



7. Goldbeck Construction:

What makes Goldbeck construction one of the top construction company of Germany is the individual elements of their systems are so smoothly coordinated that they ensure a fine level of planning. The factor that makes the construction with GOLDBECK so economical is the repeated components so that they can constantly be put together in such a way in order to ensure new and individual buildings that are featured perfectly to meet requirements.

Address: UmmelnerStraße 4-6
33649 Bielefeld

Phone no: +49 521 94 880


8. Zech group

One of the best construction company of Germany, Zech Group GmbH was founded in 1983 and functions as a holding company. The Company provides management,  planning, and legal services in the areas of construction, hospitality, environmental, real estate, technology, and industrial sectors to the clients in Germany.

Address: August-Bebel-Allee 1 Bremen, 28329 Germany

Phone number: 49-421-410-070


9. Zeppelin GmbH

The company is among the best Construction Company in Germany. They believe in mutual fulfillment which means both individuals, as well as Zeppelin employees as a whole, are responsible for executing their mission statement. They act across departments coordinating with each other and countries for the interests of the customers

Address: Graf-Zeppelin-Platz 1
85748 Garching near Munich, Germany

Phone number: +49 89 32 000 0



10. Kaefer Company

KAEFER Company known as one of the best construction company of Germany works in a variety of industries ranging from oil, gas, energy to mining, marine, and construction, we provide products, solutions and services for clients in Germany and also around the globe.

Address: Getreidestraße 3, 28217 Bremen, Germany

Phone number : +49 421 61090


11. Eiffagecompany

Eiffage is one of the best construction company in Germany, with more than 100,000 projects in France and across the globe in 2018. The company’s 70,400 employees work in construction, urban development, civil engineering, metallic construction works, roads and energy systems.

Address: 11, place de l’Europe
Campus Pierre-Berger, bât. D
78140 Vélizy-Villacoublay

Mobile number: +33 (0) 1 34 65 89 89


12. Herberger Construction

Herberger construction has been one of the best construction company of Germany for almost 70 years. Heberger company has been constructing buildings and providing production facilities for trade, industry, the housing industry with a high level of competence. Being an internationally active, medium-sized company, Heberger generates a total output of more than 300 million euros per year.

Address: 3Waldspitzweg 3
D-67105 Schifferstadt

Phone number: +496235930459



13. HOCHTIEF Company

HOCHTIEF is one of the leading construction company of Germany. The company has excelled for 140 years in core competency construction work. The company focus is on infrastructure projects, many of which the company delivers on the basis of concession models. The company develops real estate and facilities driven by them.

Address: Opernplatz 2
D-45128 Essen

Phone number: 0201 824-0


14. Josef Wiegand GmbH & Co. KG

One of the best construction company in Germany Josef Weigand was established In 1975 with the first Wiegand summer toboggan run, thus laying the foundation for the company to develop into a world market.

Address:  Josef Wiegand GmbH & Co. KG
Landstrasse 12 – 14
36169 Rasdorf / GERMANY

Tel: +49-6651-9800



15. Glass GmbH Bauunternehmung

Glass Construction founded in 1948 operates throughout Germany and other European countries and is one of the top construction company of Germany. It is active in all areas of construction services focusing on industrial construction, structural engineering,  civil engineering, power plant construction, sewage treatment plants and all other activities which involve real estate.

Address: Lierstraße 7, 80639 München, Germany

Mobile: +49 89 1780420


16. HeitkampIngenieur- und Kraftwerksbau GmbH

HeitkampBauHolding GmbH has its origin as one of the leading civil engineering company of Germany. Heitkamp was founded in Herne-Wanne in 1892 by EngelbertScharpwinkel. Initially, towards the end of the 19th century, the company was specialized in canals and roads in the neighborhood.

Address: Bonsiepen 9-11, 45136 Essen, Germany

Phone number: +49201836900


17. BASF Construction Polymers GmbH

BASF Construction Polymers GmbH, Trostberg, Germany, is a leading construction company of Germany. Their product portfolio consists of construction chemicals consists of superplasticizers, dispersants, plasticizers, etc.

Address: Dr.-Albert-Frank-Straße 32, 83308 Trostberg, Germany

Phone number: +49 8621 8616


18. Implenia Construction GmbH

Implenia, a leading construction company of Germany is constructing some of the outstanding projects. The Group’s expertise is currently working on an underground project for European Laboratory for Particle Physics (CERN) in Cessy, France.

Address: Landsberger Str. 290, 80687 München, Germany

Phone number: +49 89 748170


19. Oventrop company

Arnold Oventropin 1851founded the “Arnold Oventropand Company Messing- und BroncewaarenfabrikzuAltena” (bronze and brass works). Since it has been started, the manufacturing program is founded on materials containing copper. Brassware, like fittings for furniture, doors, and windows are produced here.

Address: HintermGallberg 5, 59929 Brilon, Germany

Phone number: +49 2962 820


20. Max Bögl precast Werke GmbH & Co. KG

The company has been one of the best construction companies in Germany since its foundation in 1929. The company’s history has been characterized by strength in research and technology.

Address: Max Bögl Group
Max-Bögl-Straße 1
92369 Sengenthal


Tel: 4991819090


List of Construction Companies of Germany

We have listed out the best companies here and if you’re looking for more construction companies of different regions then Click Here.


Address: Leopoldstraße 250, 80807 München, Germany

Phone number: +49 89 3605550

2. Exyte Technology GmbH

Address: Exyte Technology GmbH
Rosine-Starz-Straße 2-4
71272 Renningen

Phone:+49 711 8804 8000



3. ISG

Address: GroßeTheaterstraße 35, 20354 Hamburg, Germany

Phone number: +49 40 82216670


4. Fluor GmbH

Address: Kaiserswerther Str. 115, 40880 Ratingen, Germany

Phone number: +49 2102 420656


5. EEW Special Pipe Constructions GmbH

Address: Am Eisenwerk 1, 18147 Rostock, Germany

Phone number: (+49) 381 81716-0


6. Vallourec Germany GmbH

Address: Rather Kreuzweg 106, 40472 Düsseldorf, Germany

Phone number: +49 211 9600



Address: Runtestrasse 46 59457 Werl Deutschland

Phone number: +49 2922 861800



8. SimmerlSteede – Gilgen Door Systems Germany

Address: Gilgen Door Systems Germany GmbH
Hauptstrasse 63
DE-77815 Bühl

Phone number: +49 (0) 7223 80887610

9. BAM PPP Deutschland GmbH

Address: EschbornerLandstraße 130
60489 Frankfurt am Main

Phone number: +496974093030

10. PBM Constructions

Address: 4500 Yankee Hill Ct. Suite A,
Rocklin, CA 95677

Phone number: (916) 316-2114


11. New World ConstructionCompany Limited

Address: 8 F KOHO, 73-75 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Phone: (852) 3110 2600


12. Mumtaz Construction Germany gmbh

Address: Kettenhofweg 1, 60325 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

13. Yit Germany Gmbh

Address: Komturstraße 18, 12099 Berlin, Germany

Phone: +49 30 7549370

14. MMEC Mannesmann GmbH

Address: Theodorstr, 182, 40472 Duesseldorf, Germany

Telephone: +49 (0) 211 659 0

E-Mail: communication[at]mmec-mannesmann.

15. Stahlwerk Thüringen GmbH

Address: KronacherStraße 6, 07333 Unterwellenborn, Deutschland

Phone: 49 3671 4550 0


16. Sunset Group-Germany Sonnenschutzsysteme Dirk Senftlere.K.

Address: Siemensstraße 6, 32312 Lübbecke, Germany

Phone number: +49 5741 2728762

17. MCS Germany GmbH

Address: ImGewerbegebiet 7, 66709 Weiskirchen, Germany

Phone: +49 6876 70080

18. Inzag Germany GmbH

Address: Rosenstraße 2, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Phone: +49 30 243102202

19. Tecton Engineering GmbH

Address: Neumarkt 1c, 50667 Köln, Germany

Phone: +49 221 9669470/

20. Inzag Germany GmbH

Address: Rosenstraße 2, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Phone: +49 30 243102202

21. HeatTeQ Germany GmbH

Address: Schmelzerstraße 25, 47877 Willich, Germany

22. Bauer & Co. Bau GmbH

Address: Birkenweiherfeld 7, 94344 Wiesenfelden, Germany

Phone: +49 9966 902789

23. Bladt Industries Offshore Wind Germany GmbH

Address: Am Oxer 7, 24955 Harrislee, Germany

Phone: +49 461 700350

24. Plakatsystemecom GmbH

Address: Am Eichelberg 7, 01458 Ottendorf-Okrilla, Germany

Phone: +49 351 88888478

25. SicimS.p.a.

Address: Am Waldschlößchen 2, 01099 Dresden, Germany

27. Bauer Spezialtiefbau GmbH

Address: BAUER AG, BAUER-Straße 1, 86529 Schrobenhausen

Ph no. +49 8252 97-0


27. Ludwig Pfeiffer Hoch-und Tiefbau GmbH & Co. KG

Address: 14/1a, 1st Floor, Saravana Plaza, Hopes, Peelamedu, Germany– 641004

Phone number: 99428-4424



28. Triumfo International

Address: LandsbergerStraße 218, 12623 Berlin, Germany

Tel: +49 (0) 30 9203 044 00


29. Mageba GmbH

Address: Hans-Böckler-Straße 12, 37170 Uslar, Germany

Phone: +49 5571 92560

30. Tecton Engineering GmbH

Address: Neumarkt 1c, 50667 Köln, Germany

Phone: +49 221 96694700


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