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The Hoichoi is an on-demand swimming platform which is available only in the Bengali language all over the world. There are over 500 movies that are available on this application and not only that there are several original shows and documentaries which are added every month. If you are a movie buff, looking forward to watching classic movies or Bengali blockbusters this is the best place where you can find any movie that you are looking forward to watching. This application is a tribute to Bengali people where you can have non stop Bengali entertainment on the go.

We have given you information about piracy movie sites so far and that was all illegal sites. The entire focus of the platform is on Bengali language content. This platform also presented on android, іOS, Apрlе TV, Amаzon fіre TV, android TV, and Rоku.

About Hoichoi


Hoichoi is an application where you can watch your favorite Bengali shows and movies by paid subscription. This platform is maintained by SVF Entertainment Pvt Ltd.  All the hoichoi offers a few movies and web series without payment but you have to take a basic subscription-only then you can access them, also you have to pay a certain subscription fee to watch hoichoi Originals.

Is Hoichoi tv free?

No, unfortunately, it is not a free app and you have to pay some basic subscription for watching any TV show or a movie. The yearly subscription is 499 for one stream and 699 for two simultaneous streams, which is available on discount as the original price was 799 and 1299 respectively. There are thousands of music streaming and the largest catalog of hoichoi.tv Bengali movies which you can enjoy by paying a yearly subscription of 499.

What are the advantages of using hoichoi app?

As we know that Hoichoi is an online video streaming platform that allows users to watch Bengali movies, Latest Original web series, etc. Hoichoi apk helps you to watch original bengali movies, web series on phone.

  • Access to exclusive original shows, you get 80 hours of web series with new exclusive shows added on every month where you can binge on. You also get 50 hours of movies which you can stream every month. There is a lot of collection of exclusive web series which are available only on the application. It also has a vast genre of content starting from sex comedy to horror. They have a very gripping storyline that promises you to binge-watch the entire series even before getting up.
  • The largest catalog of Bengali movies is available here, as they keep on increasing and enhancing their catalog you will need a couple of yours to watch their entire catalog. You can choose critically acclaimed movies by Satyajit Ray, to modern-day hits by Prosenjit. This is a plethora of movies, where you can select anything from the classics to the biggest blockbusters, now spend less time browsing and more time watching your favorite movie.
  • Download offline and watch anytime and anywhere, if you have a problem in streaming live content every time you can download them at your convenience in your device so that you can watch it anywhere if you have a low connection. You can also download songs and listen to them in a low connectivity area.
  • The biggest advantage is it is ad-free content, this strongly believes that there should be nothing between you and your entertainment so so they stream entirely and free content.
  • Not only movies and TV series but you can also stream a lot of music, you can get access 2000 + Bengali songs which are not available anywhere else
  • Multiple devices can use the same account, you can watch movies or TV series on phone laptop or TV screen. This is a very affordable way to watch Bengali entertainment at the proximity of your home. It supports viewing across all the popular platforms starting from Chromecast to mobiles. This is the best and the easiest way you can have entertainment. Also available on Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV.
  • The app is available on android and IOS you can easily download and there you go for unlimited entertainment.

Other benefits are –

  1. Unlimited HD streaming
  2. Multiple payment options starting from wallet to debit card and online banking
  3. English subtitles available in case you do not understand Bangla.
  4. New original content available every month

What are the top hoichoi web series collection that you should definitely add to your binge watch list?

  1. Cartoon

This is a horror thriller which is is based on a graphic Artist and her fiance who shifted into a new apartment. Strange things began to happen to the main characters Aritra and her graphics characters. Paayel Sarkar, Mainak Banerjee play the lead role. It has 7 episodes and has released only season 1.

  1. Shei Je Holud Pakhi

It is a musical thriller, and one of a kind web series which is based on a police officer he lost his daughter 5 years ago and is trying to connect to his daughter after 5 years through a sensational pop singer, watch the entire series to know what leads to the cacophony of mysterious events. It has Neville Hasan, Aupee Karim, Mostafa Monwar, Shariful Islam in the lead roles and it has 7 episodes in season 1.

  1. Dhaka Metro

This is the story of a troubled corporate man who moves away from the frustrating city life of Dhaka and meets strange people on the road trip, the best part is is this is from Bangladeshi film features various famous Bangladeshi actors. There is a thrill in every turn of this web series, he meets a kid named Rahman and Runaway women and the best thrilling part is he has no idea where the road will take him next.

  1. Eken Babu

This is a detective comedy which is set in contemporary Bangalore, the story is about an ordinary-looking man who is a detective and he has unique ways to investigate criminal activities. The intelligence of this character and the Adventure he takes you through are highly remarkable and it has two seasons and 16 episodes in total.

  1. Paap

This is a drama and murder mystery, it has famous Bengali actress Pooja Banerjee in the lead role. This series is about the ancient Durga Puja celebrations and the return of powerful women to their families which leads to the exposure of long-hidden histories and secrets. The story starts with a family having a crushed paper of strange messages and two dead bodies, there is a lot of missed trust and suspiciousness within the family during Durga Puja.

  1. Paranoia

It is the thriller series, dealing with a lot of psychological disorder and human emotions that are Tangled within the mains of life reality is. Each story is based on Paranoia on, and it has 4 episodes.

  1. The Stoneman Murders

This is based on a serial killer, which was actual events from the year 1985 to 1989. An unidentified serial killer who used stones to kill people who lived in Kolkata and Mumbai. Now of famous writer Sneha, finds a mysterious old diary which leads her to unfold a lot of details. It has nine episodes and we assure you that you will be biting your nails till you finished binge-watching.

How many movies are there on this platform?

Currently, hoichoi boasts that it has more than 512 curated catalog of movies from various times. All of them are critically-acclaimed classics on modern-day hits. The best part is you can find content from all the generous and you can choose to watch a movie is based on actors like Uttam Kumar, dev, parambrata, or directors like Rituparno Ghosh and Satyajit Ray.

How can you sign up for hoichoi?

You can sign up using a Google or a Facebook account. Otherwise, you might even sign in by using an email address and password. After the sign-up process, you’ll be able to use hoichoi OTT platform.

When does a new season of a web series start?

Hoichoi takes perfect care of the entertainment of people so they strive to bring out the best of Bengali entertainment to people. You can always give them positive feedback so that they can work on cracking the next season of their web series.

In what quality can you watch the content?

You can watch content in 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p, but you can download content only in 360p or 720p. Other than that the best ways to watch movies and TV series are by subscription. You can get the subscription of these websites to watch quality content if you are a regular movie-watcher. Otherwise, YouTube is full of Bollywood movies which randomly can be found out while searching through YouTube search. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, ALTBalaji are a few streaming channels, among these Netflix and Amazon Prime video are the most popular ones, which releases the movie the fastest.

List of movie sites that provides free movies

There are also many free sites that provide movies for free.

Disclaimer –

By using free movie sites, you promote piracy. This is an illegal activity on which strict laws are made. Our website neither promotes any piracy activity but also makes people aware of piracy. We also hope that with the help of this article you will have got information about piracy. “Say No To Piracy”


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